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“I have worked side by side with Tera’s team since the concept of Jobbatical was just a pitch deck to the point where we have paying business clients spanning across forty-four countries. They have been my mentors, partners and also the ones asking difficult questions when needed. They were also very helpful mentors during the time when we started our first negotiations with international VCs. Probably my biggest surprise was to have their kind of expertise and knowledge in our local Estonian market.”

Karoli Hindriks

CEO and Co-founder


“The Tera team has been super important in our journey to build a company.
Andrus picked us up when we had just an idea and I was working as a scientist at CERN. I knew literally nothing about startups, investors and entrepreneurship. Andrus helped us to navigate this new world and make the right decisions about many many things: How to talk to investors; how to raise money; how to build a team; how to build a network; where to focus and when; and most importantly, how to avoid common pitfalls. His advice has proven to be crucial to take Lingvist to the point where we are now. I feel that his contribution has been so big that I could almost call him a co-founder.“

Mait Müntel

CEO and Co-founder

About Us

Many Sharp Seed Investments

We invest in future global category leaders at their seed stage.

We are focusing on born-global digital startups creating network effects, applying machine learning, and other enabling technologies to business models which will become the infrastructure of and deeply impact our future lives.

We are vertical and business model agnostic.

Our region is Estonia (incl. eligible e-residents), Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

We build presence and networks in the markets where our portfolio companies want to expand to. With a presence in Estonia, Finland, and California, we are supported by a global advisory network of experienced investors, industry experts, and growth operations people willing to take the long journey with us to the finish line.

Our team has made the journey from the inception to the exit in several technology companies on both operational and investor side.  We are laid back but straightforward, we want our companies and our founders to succeed, whatever it takes.



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