Tera ventures is an international
investment firm based in Estonia.

Tera helps some of Europe’s most disruptive technology companies
scale and become global leaders.

We are also proud of our previous exits from:


The team at Tera Ventures consists of investors and advisors from around the world who have created exceptional value and personally made the journey from founders to acquisition or IPO of several digital tech companies. We believe in and strongly support founders and great teams and possess a very Silicon Valley-approach to helping our companies – we have worked in all weather conditions and life cycles of startups and are there to support our clients’ success. We are tenacious, ambitious and experienced in making it happen. Whatever it takes.

We have a presence in Estonia and Finland, plus global contacts and experience. We leverage and create access to global markets and capital pools, as well as value creation and realization for our portfolio companies. As former global entrepreneurs ourselves, we have walked in the shoes of our clients, and we place the relationships with our founders at the heart of our business.

Founders about us

“I have worked side by side with Tera’s team since the concept of Jobbatical was just a pitch deck to the point where we have paying business clients spanning across forty-four countries. They have been my mentors, partners and also the ones asking difficult questions when needed. They were also very helpful mentors during the time when we started our first negotiations with international VCs. Probably my biggest surprise was to have their kind of expertise and knowledge in our local Estonian market.”

Karoli Hindriks
CEO and Co-founder

“Stanislav and Andrus are all in! From day one their passion and work ethic have made me feel that we are truly sitting on the same side of the table. Stanislav and Andrus have proven their devotion and empathy through thick and thin, and this is a rare quality. 5 star guys!”

Norris Koppel
CEO and Founder

„The Tera team has been super important in our journey to build a company.
Andrus picked us up when we had just an idea and I was working as a scientist at CERN. I knew literally nothing about startups, investors and entrepreneurship. Andrus helped us to navigate this new world and make the right decisions about many many things: How to talk to investors; how to raise money; how to build a team; how to build a network; where to focus and when; and most importantly, how to avoid common pitfalls. His advice has proven to be crucial to take Lingvist to the point where we are now. I feel that his contribution has been so big that I could almost call him a co-founder.“

Mait Müntel
CEO and Co-founder

“The Tera team while at SmartCap followed up in each of our financing rounds until the exit, believing in the
company and supporting us even during hard times.”

Martin Rand
CEO and Co-founder

“Andrus knows what building a successful startup actually means. His effort and energy have been instrumental in building Realeyes“

Mihkel Jäätma
CEO and Co-founder