Lingvist is language learning software based on mathematical optimization and statistical analysis. It is designed to help users learn new languages within 200 hours. Its smart algorithm tracks the progress and mistakes of users, and adapts lessons in real time to match their levels and memory patterns.


Monese provides instant on-demand UK banking accounts regardless of the customer’s citizenship. This revolutionises banking for expats, digital nomads and new residents, as residency restrictions imposed by traditional high street banks are one of the single greatest barriers to accessing the banking system when new residents arrive in a country.

Monese’s breakthrough technology can validate the identity of customers in real time, enabling customers to open an account in a matter of minutes, using a mobile app. Monese’s fully-featured UK banking account comes with cheap global payments and a contactless debit card.

Monese was born after its founder’s first-hand experience of the hassle involved with opening a bank account in a new country.


Unlock the full potential of your videos.

Emotions drive behaviour. Using webcams and the latest computer vision and machine-learning technologies, we measure how people feel as they watch video content online. Our emotional intelligence enables brands, agencies and media companies to confidently target optimised content to the right audiences.


Our platform helps companies and individuals throughout the recruiting and hiring process. Jobbatical is the solution for the people who’d like to find new jobs abroad, we also assist with immigration to countries such as Spain, Germany, Finland, Estonia and more, and provide additional services to enable people work where they are happy.



Scoro is an end-to-end work management solution which allows professional and creative service providers to control their entire workflow from one place. It helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks to ensure a business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible – from sales right through to billing.

Scoro – Bring structure to your work.


Cleveron’s mission is to make sending and receiving parcels as effective, fast, convenient and favorably priced as possible by offering modern technology-based solutions.


Defendec is an innovative company specializing in the development of world-class remote premises surveillance technology. The company operates globally with offices in Washington, D.C., Singapore, and Estonia.

Defendec’s main product, Smartdec, secures NATO’s and the European Union’s external borders as well as those of other nations around the world. Smartdec helps stop international smuggling, illegal trafficking, and acts of sabotage every day, making it the technology of choice among border guards.


Sportlyzer is a player development and team management software for youth and amateur sports clubs. The platform connects coaches, managers, players and parents.


As an IoT Local Network Service Provider, Thinnect delivers on the promise of IoT. Leveraging energy savings from intelligent lighting, we cost-effectively make commercial buildings and cities “IoT ready,” and work with application partners to offer exciting new services for the future.


Modern wind turbines are multi-Megawatt plants on top of tall towers.

We have reduced the number of subsystems radically:
Our ring generator runs at low speed – it needs no gear box. You will find no cooling fans or water pumps. Additionally, our generator is modular. Why book a mobile crane and shut down your machine for months if you can manually replace integral generator parts, such as magnets or windings?

Goliath Wind introduces a generation of wind turbines that takes gearless technology to a new level!


Biotatec explores new applications for its innovative bioleaching technology. R&D is underway to amend our technology to handle e-waste and old lubricating oils. Preliminary tests show that the Biotatec technology is suitable for processing argillite, WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment; often called e-waste),  black shales and oil shales, phosphate rocks, other metals/organics containing ores.


My!Wind is a small wind turbine developer. Their 5 kW model is designed for residential and small commercial consumers.





GrabCAD is the largest online community of professional engineers, designers, manufacturers, and STEM students on the planet.

VitalFields offers a set of tools that will track weather on the fields and offers advice to farmers i.e. pesticide spraying times and plant disease alerts so farmers can avoid costly mistakes.

Startup Wise Guys is a mentorship-driven accelerator program for early stage B2B startups, providing seed capital (€20K), office space and most importantly – world-class mentors.